Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program

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The philosophy of the Methadone Program is based on the concept that chemical dependency is a disease that can be successfully treated.  Through the use of methadone, the opiate dependent client can stop the use of heroin and all other opiate-based drugs without experiencing the painful symptoms associated with untreated withdrawal. In addition, methadone maintenance will block the effects of illicit opiate use and reduce opiate craving.

Methadone maintenance allows individuals addicted to opiates an opportunity to focus attention on pursuing positive drug-free lifestyle choices. They can be in a better position to avoid the violence and crime sometimes associated with the street culture of drug addiction. They can reduce their exposure to HIV and other diseases by stopping injection drug use and drug-related high-risk sexual behavior. They can pursue education and employment opportunities and therefore work towards becoming the person they were born to be.

Chemical Dependency Outpatient Clinics

First Step Chemical Dependency Crisis Center

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